Business appointments

Through up to 29 pre-scheduled meetings, you will be able to put names to faces and developing trade and business alliances, thereby accelerating the speed-to-market of products and services.

These 20-minute appointments take place at an organisation’’s booth or at tables provided by WETM-IAC. All business appointments are managed online, booked and confirmed before the conference begins using Marcom ACE, a simple online appointment scheduling tool.

The business appointments are a valuable part of the conference and crucial for networking and business development. Here are some tips to keep you on track in managing your schedule in Marcom ACE and saving important information before and after the event.

Before the conference

By now your business appointment slots should be full, and you will have received an email from Marcom with a handy link to download/print your schedule. In case you have not seen the email, here are the instructions:

Remember to print/download your schedule BEFORE you travel.

  1. Visit, log in and click the “Actions” button located above your schedule, on the left.
  2. Select either the “Export meeting reports to Word” or the “Export meeting reports to PDF” option.
  3. Depending on your web browser and your system, the document may open directly or you may be invited to save/download the file.

If you still have open time slots in your schedule, you can send out/accept meeting requests until Thursday 23 March at 5 pm CET.

After the conference

 On Friday, 28 April at 17:00 CET, access to your Marcom account will close. If at any time before this date, you want to export the contact information of all trading delegates, and have been given access/permission to do so use the following instructions:

  1. Visit, and log in.
  2. Click on “Participants”, and then on “Trading organisations”.
  3. Click the “Export list” button located above the list of delegates.
  4. Export and save the files