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All-Star Team Up: An Óige announces partnership with Youth Work Ireland

Feb 22, 2019

Youth Work Ireland, Ireland’s largest youth organisation, today announced that is has officially partnered with An Óige – Irish Youth Hostel Association, the largest association of youth hostels in Ireland. The partnership will see Youth Work Ireland and An Óige working together to promote independence in young people through travel as well as promoting the importance of local youth services delivered by local communities in order to better improve the quality of life for young people

Speaking about the announcement of the partnership, David Owens, CEO of An Óige, said; “We’re delighted to be able to finally announce that An Óige and Youth Work Ireland are officially working together. Both are long established youth organisations who share a similar ethos such as the importance of youth engagement in the community, the value of volunteer contribution, and expanding young people’s perception of the world through travel. We’re excited to be part of something that will be beneficial to the development the young people of Ireland”.

Since its inception in 1931, An Óige has set out to help young people find a love and appreciation of the countryside as well as fostering an appreciation of the country’s cultural and historical heritage by providing discount accommodation for them whilst on their travels. Youth Work Ireland follows a similar ethos in terms of inspiring young people to make a difference in the world. Since 1962, Youth Work Ireland has sought to give a voice to the needs and aspirations of young people as well as improving the quality of their life through community based services.

Dr Patrick Burke, CEO of Youth Work Ireland, was also jubilant about the announcement of an official partnership, saying; “There has always been a strong and vibrant link between youth work, the hostelling movement and outdoor adventure. For a variety of reasons these movements have been engaged in different priorities for a time. This partnership marks a return to first principles for all involved. It is a re-engagement of youth work and those who deliver it with Ireland’s long standing hostelling movement. We look forward to introducing a whole new generation to the values and philosophy of hostelling in a new and modern setting and we see great potential in this partnership”.

Source: Irish Youth Hostel Association