WETM-IAC 2020 postponed


WETM-IAC Malta 2020 to be postponed

After long and careful consideration by the Boards of WYSE Travel Confederation and IAPA which was immediately then followed by the travel bans announced by Malta and the US, it has become inevitable that WETM-IAC Malta 2020 must be postponed.

Throughout this process, we have been working with the Maltese hotel, and the other venues involved with the conference, to make sure that we are doing all we can to keep our delegates safe and protected whilst endeavouring to keep the youth and student industry on the move! But with companies imposing travel bans and there being a concern amongst others about being able to return to their own countries after attending a conference, a postponement seems to be the sensible option.

All delegates booked at this year’s WETM-IAC conference will be automatically transferred to WYSTC in Lisbon, 24-25 September 2020, where there will be a WETM-IAC programme in parallel with the WYSTC programme. Full details of the revised conference schedule will be sent out to you in due course. For full details of the postponement and of WETM@WYSTC, please visit our WETM- IAC FAQs page.

WETM-IAC 2021 will be held in Malta as well, this is so that we can rebook the same venues and hotel thus minimizing cancellation fees so you will still be able to visit this beautiful Mediterranean island next year.

We are, of course, disappointed that WETM-IAC can’t go ahead this year, but the global events of COVID-19 are forcing these changes.

We hope that the situation will have eased by the summer and that we can welcome you all to WYSTC in Lisbon.


Question Answer
Why is WETM-IAC being postponed? The current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has made travel to and from certain parts of the world impossible. Whilst there is only a very small outbreak in Malta, the Maltese government has now restricted travel from five significant countries in Europe and the US Government has banned all travellers from Europe.
How much will it cost me to come to WYSTC? There will be no additional charge for a WETM-IAC 2020 delegate to attend WYSTC 2020. Your WETM-IAC ticket will be transferred automatically to a special two-day programme being held during WYSTC Lisbon. The WETM-IAC dates will be 24 – 25 September. The full programme will be confirmed shortly.
What if I want to join the full WYSTC programme? Then you can upgrade your WETM-IAC ticket to a WYSTC ticket paying the price difference.
Can I bring more people to the WETM@WYSTC event than I originally booked? No, only WETM-IAC 2020 delegates can get this special offer.
I’ve already cancelled my attendance at WETM-IAC, does this offer apply to me? Yes, anyone who has booked for this year can attend the WETM@WYSTC conference, even if they have already cancelled their WETM-IAC 2020 participation.
Can I just cancel and get my money back? No, unfortunately this is not possible.
I bought a booth for WETM-IAC, what happens with that? Your booth will be transferred to WETM-IAC 2021 to ensure any graphics which have been produced or requested are able to re-used.
I am a WETM-IAC sponsor, what happens to my sponsorship? In certain cases, your sponsorship can be transferred to WYSTC, but we will be in contact with you about it.
When is the IAPA AGM going to be? The IAPA AGM will now be held on Thursday 24 September at WYSTC. Official details of this will follow.
Will there be IAPA educational sessions at WYSTC? Yes, there will be similar sessions to those planned for WETM-IAC.
What will happen to the Au Pair of the Year award? It is anticipated that there will be an Au Pair of the Year dinner on Thursday 24 September.
What is WYSTC? WYSTC is the World Youth and Student Travel Conference run by WYSE Travel Confederation and it brings together approximately 650 delegates from all sectors of the youth and student travel market to trade and network. It is the largest gathering of operators across all market segments.
Will IAPA members be lost amongst all these other people? No, not at all. Not only will there be a parallel programme for IAPA members, but you will all be able to join in with Marcom and find new business partners that you may never have realised existed. You will also be part of the WYSTC social programme. Details of the full programme are to follow.
What happens to my flights and accommodation booked for Malta? This will depend upon your airline and hotel. Please contact them directly. Please also check your travel insurance, you may be covered for cancellation.