Speakers and moderators

Danjela Falzon

Psychotherapist, TherapyWorks Clinic Malta

Danjela is a Gestalt Psychotherapist working in private practice. She works mainly with adults and is part of the team at TherapyWorks Clinic Malta, one of the largest private psychotherapy clinics on the island. She has considerable experience working as a manager, trainer and mentor within the disability sector. Up until April 2019, she worked for 10 years as the Volunteer’s Manager at a large NGO in Malta, managing local volunteers, interns and volunteers completing their European Voluntary Service. She also worked for 5 years as a supervisor on a support line for teenagers and young adults, where she supervised volunteers and carried out crisis intervention to young people experiencing emotional distress and at risk of suicide.

In her role as Volunteer’s Manager, Danjela wrote and managed EU-funded projects and provided opportunities for young people to experience living and working in a foreign country. She had a particular interest in creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth, including people with disabilities, mental health issues and from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Over the years, she saw and experienced the huge benefits and learning opportunities enjoyed by such interns and volunteers, many of them describing their time in Malta as one of the best of their lives.

Although Maltese, Danjela grew up in Australia and spent 10 years living in the United Kingdom. The experience of living in different countries has allowed Danjela the opportunity to understand and appreciate the importance of travelling and experiencing life away from one’s country of origin.

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