WTF? (Where’s The Fun?)

Sunday 20 March
14:00 – 15:00 

After this 45-minute presentation, you will leave feeling motivated to re-embrace work and the cultural exchange mission, enlightened with new ways to approach business and life, excited and prepared for the unknown future ahead and, most of all, empowered to handle anything that may continue to interrupt life and business. All this whilst having some fun along the way. 

 Highlights will include: 

  • Why the pandemic is no different than any other curve ball life throws at you 
  • The most important skillset you will need in life
  • Your toolkit for making the best out of any and every challenging situation you’re faced with in business and life
  • Practical steps you can take TODAY to not just survive but thrive, no matter how unpredictable the industry climate remains


Marisa Lonic

Speaker, author and coach

Why attend

  • Over 150 attendees from the cultural exchange, work experience and au pair industry
  • 34 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • Educational sessions on the latest sector trends
  • Networking events