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#unknown: defining and marketing work experience travel

Monday, 18 March 2019 – 10:20 – 11:20


Is your target group looking for immersion or internship?  Experience or employment? And which is it that you are selling?

During this interactive session we will dig into the lingo of the cultural exchange industry and deconstruct all-too familiar definitions with an eye toward better understanding the potential for disruption and what words actually mean for your target audiences. Roll up your sleeves and bring your passion for the past, present and future of our industry to the table as we challenge ourselves through a structured session of thought and discussion.

A must if you seek to de-clutter your marketing and sales vocabulary, and if you are interested in shaping the industry’s language for common causes.


Bastian Weinberger

Smaller Earth Group


Ann-Kristin Cohrs

Managing Director

Ashwin Rao

Marketing Manager
The Green Lion

Why attend

  • Over 200 attendees from work travel, volunteer and au pair industry
  • A minimum of 18 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • Educational sessions on the latest sector trends
  • Collaboration for solutions to the sector’s challenges
  • Networking events