Fazil Mammadov

Business Development Director, StudyZONE

Fazil Mammadov, Business Development Director at StudyZONE, is originally from Azerbaijan, and has personally experienced cultural exchange programmes in the US, first as a High School Year student in the state of Iowa, and then twice as a Summer Work and Travel participant.

To continue his international experience, he moved to Turkey to complete his university studies, and has been working with the cultural exchange and study abroad programmes for over 10 years.

He is currently a Business Development Director at StudyZONE which sends over 800 participants every year on summer work and travel programmes only.

StudyZONE also owns an online platform edumag.net which has more than 100K+ followers and 4000 + visitors a day. Since 2015 StudyZONE has been consequently voted as the most known Work and Travel agency in Turkey.