John Ricci

Executive Vice President, J1 Simcards

John Ricci (JR) is a Gen X’er  who has worked in the student travel industry and on the periphery for almost 20 years, having held executive level positions in sales, marketing, community development and operations at Cendant (NYSE: CD), Wandrian Inc. , Student Advantage (NASDAQ: STAD), eKit Inc, NETC (World Strides International Discovery) and is now the Executive Vice President at J1 Simcards. JR has focused his career on sales, marketing and operational strategies with a proven record of creating growth from concept/start up through maturation, and has forged successful partnerships with many of the largest work, travel and cultural exchange businesses in the industry. With specific expertise growing online and offline channels with travel and membership-based models ranging from 1,200 – 8 million participants, he is a strong believer in three things, “if you build it correctly, it will grow”, “love me, loathe me, but please don’t ignore me” and “more Americans need to travel outside the country to better understand our world”. JR currently resides in Boston, MA with his wife Michelle and two-year old daughter Brook (Brooka).