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Bettina Wiedmann

Executive Director, Experiment e.V.

Bettina is Executive Director of the Experiment in International Living in Germany (Experiment e.V.) a non-profit exchange organisation that offers a wide variety of programmes to all age groups.

Bettina is an active member on the Board of German Youth Associations, serves as an advisor to several German and international exchange organisations and is a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader.

As a former high school and university exchange student herself, she knows first-hand the power of exchange programmes to promote intercultural understanding. Bettina and her family have also already hosted 3 long-term high school exchange students as well as 3 au pairs in their home.

She believes strongly in the fact that intercultural experiences are an important part of lifelong learning and bring huge benefits at any age and for all parties involved. In her eyes, the job of a high-quality exchange organisation is to ensure that these experiences are as safe as possible and that participants are supported when it comes to health issues and challenges.

Why attend

  • Over 200 attendees from work travel, volunteer and au pair industry
  • A minimum of 18 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • Educational sessions on the latest sector trends
  • Collaboration for solutions to the sector’s challenges
  • Networking events