Terms and Conditions


  • The conference is called the Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference (WETM-IAC) and is co-owned and managed by WYSE Travel Confederation, trading as WYSE Services B.V and also co-owned by the International Au Pair Association (IAPA).
  • References to WETM-IAC shall include WYSE Services B.V, WYSE Travel Confederation and International Au Pair Association.
  • Delegate and organisation will mean the person or persons registered to attend the conference.

2. General

Participation is open to organisations involved in youth and student travel. Booths and tickets are all subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed until booked and then confirmed by WYSE Travel Confederation.WETM-IAC is a business-to-business conference and is not open to members of the public.

3. Cancellation policy

All confirmed registrations are deemed to be binding. Cancellations can be made under the following conditions:

  • Registrations cancelled before 1 February 2023 will be refunded 50% of the registration fee paid
  • On and after 1 February 2023 no refunds are available
  • In the case of visa refusal and upon the submission of the relevant documentation, WYSE Travel Confederation will refund 100% of the registration fee paid less an administration fee of EUR 150, provided the delegate has not accessed Marcom ACE.
  • Cancellation will only be accepted in writing to events@wysetc.org
  • In case the delegate has accessed his/her Marcom ACE account, no refunds will be available under any circumstances.
  • In the event WETM-IAC cannot take place in-person, WYSE Travel Confederation has the right to change an in-person registration to online. The standard cancelation policy will apply.

4. Registration name changes

Registration can be transferred from one delegate to another within the registered organisation for no charge before 1 February 2023. On and after 1 February 2023, an administration fee of EUR 150 per name change will be charged.
Name change requests must be made in writing to events@wysetc.org.

5. Registered organisations

All delegates will be registered to the registered organisation and cannot be changed to another organisation. Organisations can only trade on their own behalf, not on behalf of any other organisation. Membership discounts only apply to organisations with a current WYSE Travel Confederation membership that is paid or within terms. An organisation must be a member of WYSE Travel Confederation at the time of the event as well as at the time of booking.

6. Protected trade environment

The protected trade environment will be the conference venue, social event locations and the hotel designated as conference hotel. Delegates must not trade with non-registered persons within these environments. Doing so will be deemed to be breaking the ethos of the conference and sanctions can be taken, that may include cancellation of the registration.

Only organisations attending WETM-IAC may meet and host other conference participants. We do encourage non-registered institutions to access and benefit from meeting potential business partners that WETM-IAC registered organisations have paid to meet.

7. Trading due diligence

Whilst WYSE Travel Confederation will try and select bona fide businesses for trading purposes at the WETM-IAC, it is the responsibility of all delegates to undertake appropriate due diligence with the entity with whom they are considering any form of business partnership.

8. Refusal of admission

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to refuse admission to the WETM-IAC conference to any delegate who acts in a manner that breaks the ethos of the conference or who brings the conference into disrepute.

9. Anti-Harassment policy

WYSE Travel Confederation condemns any form of harassment or inappropriate conduct, and undertakes to ensure that all staff, conference participant and visitors are aware and abide by its policy and procedures for dealing with such instances.

Please read our full Anti-Harassment policy here.

10. Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable or shall be in default of its obligations if such default is the result of acts of God, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism and its consequences, strike, lock-out, fire, explosion, flood, riots, civil disturbance, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disaster, epidemics, health risks and pandemics or other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party affected.

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to defer, change the format to online or cancel the WETM-IAC conference (without liability to the delegate) in the event of a force majeure.

If WYSE Travel Confederation is forced to cancel an event that has already started, it is agreed that WYSE has fulfilled its obligations and delegates are not entitled to a refund of their registration or other related expenses.

11. Delegate details and data protection

WYSE Travel Confederation will process the personal information provided by the Delegate as defined in Dutch law as article 10 & 13 of Dutch Constitution and the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens.

WYSE Travel Confederation is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in compliance with the GDPR and fair transparent use of data.

The Delegate consents to WYSE Travel Confederation using information as follows:

1. WYSE Travel Confederation will obtain, record, store and use this information as necessary in connection with the conference including transfer of the information to employees, agents and third parties as required for this purpose

2. WYSE Travel Confederation may include delegates and their profile pictures on the WETM-IAC website or in promotional material.

3. WYSE Travel Confederation will add delegates contact details to the WYSE Travel Confederation mailing list;

4. WYSE Travel Confederation will include delegates in the appointment scheduling system Marcom ACE;

5. WYSE Travel Confederation may transfer its business assets (which includes information) on re-organisation, sale or merger of the whole or any part of its business

6. WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to process information as required for marketing purposes, to obtain legal advice, comply with legal requirements, enforce or apply any agreements (including this agreement) and protect the rights, property or safety of WETM-IAC, its employees, its clients and others

7. WYSE Travel Confederation may transfer information outside the European Economic Area for any of the purposes listed in this clause

8. If WYSE Travel Confederation intends to process information other than as set out above the delegate will receive notice and be given the opportunity to decline the processing.

9. Delegates may not share information from Marcom ACE with any person or organisation outside the conference.

12. Payment methods, payment terms, discount codes and incorrect registration type

Payment is made by Mastercard or Visa to complete the registration. Booths, sponsorship and other items can be paid by Master card or Visa or via bank transfer.

The exact amount should be received by WYSE Services B.V. and any deductions resulting from bank fees, etc., will prevent the delegates’ registration from being confirmed.

Payment terms

* Early bird offers are only valid if full payment is received before the early bird period ends. The next available rate will be charged if full payment is not received before the deadline.

* Registrations made at the regular rate with unpaid balances that are outstanding for more than 5 working days may be subject to release

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to cancel registrations for delegates, exhibitor space and sponsorship should the payment terms not be met.

Any delegate who has outstanding monies with WYSE Travel Confederation or IAPA, will not be permitted access to the conference nor a refund of registration fees.

Discount codes

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to revoke usage of discount codes should they be used by delegates for whom they were not intended. Please contact events@wysetc.org to check if you are permitted to use a discount code.

Incorrect registration type

Should the delegate register him or herself in an incorrect registration category, WYSE Travel Confederation will reassign the delegate to the appropriate registration category. Any fees outstanding as a result of the reassignment of the registration category need to be paid in full. The standard cancellation policy will apply to all fees paid up to the point of any type of registration.

13. VAT and local taxes

The WETM-IAC registration fees and other charges associated with the conference are subject to local VAT or other taxes. WYSE Travel Confederation will take legal advice on these charges with the objective of avoiding additional costs to delegates where possible.

WYSE Travel Confederation is obliged to comply with local taxation requirements and will be registered accordingly with the local authorities.

14. Advertising and promotion during the event

Business appointments will take place at tables or booths as allocated by the scheduling system, Marcom ACE:

  • The only type of display and advertising materials permitted at the tables are small items, such as posters, photographs and laptops, which can be placed on the table and do not obstruct the view of other participants’ tables. These promotional materials must be removed once the business appointment has ended
  • Marketing materials and other items must not extend outside of the registered booth space and must not constitute any type of hazard to other attendees
  • It is not permitted to distribute or display marketing material (pull-up banners, flyer drops, pens, etc) within the protected trade environments without WYSE Travel Confederation’s prior written approval. Such distributions will be considered as sponsorship, and will be charged as such
  • Delegates are not permitted to host events of any kind which encourage delegates to leave the conference at any time during the conference programme.
  • Communications in Marcom ACE are limited to business appointment scheduling only, and may not be used for promotional purposes.

15. Liability and insurance

WYSE Travel Confederation will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to exhibits, materials, equipment or personal items howsoever caused. Delegates and organisations should be insured against theft and personal liability and should also have additional insurance to cover personal health matters, trip cancellation etc. as appropriate. The participants will be held liable for any damage to persons or objects caused by them, their employees, their representatives or by exhibits or items of their equipment.

16. Identification

Delegates are required to wear their conference badge and conference lanyard at all times during the conference programme. Access to the conference centre and social event locations will not be granted without the wearing of a conference badge.

17. Exhibition

  • All exhibitors are required to abide by the deadlines and conditions as outlined in the communications from Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference (WETM-IAC).
  • All exhibitors must be registered delegates.
  • All exhibition stand design must be approved by WYSE Travel Confederation at least four weeks prior to the conference.
  • WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to change or cancel exhibition booths at any time.
  • Booth cancellation can be made under the following conditions:
    • Booths cancelled before 1 February 2023 will be refunded 50% of the fee paid. On and after 1 February 2023  no refunds are available.
    • Cancellation will only be accepted in writing to events@wysetc.org.

18. Media waiver

WYSE Travel Confederation will use image, video and sound recording to record certain parts of the conference. These recordings will be used as archive of the event and may also be used in promotional material for future events. Attendance at the conference is acceptance of these terms.

19. General conditions

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to change these terms from time to time. Any such changes will be reflected on the WETM-IAC conference website under Terms and Conditions. It is the responsibility of registered organisations and delegates to be aware of the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of their registration and participation.

Organisations which have been disaffiliated or suspended from WYSE Travel Confederation or IAPA may not attend. Likewise, members who are not in good standing, as well as individuals who have been sanctioned by WYSE Travel Confederation or IAPA may not attend.

The delegate will not assign, charge or otherwise transfer to a third party any of its rights or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of WYSE Travel Confederation. WYSE Travel Confederation may assign, transfer or sub-contract any of its rights or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of the delegate.

Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE).

These terms and conditions are created under Dutch law.

Terms and conditions as at 6 October 2022.