About WYSE Travel Confederation

Who we are

The World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation is a global not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to promoting and developing opportunities for the youth, student and educational travel industry.

It is the world’s most powerful network of youth and student travel professionals, connecting key industry players with decision makers and government officials. Trusted members of WYSE Travel Confederation are recognised in their market as leaders in youth, backpacking, educational and student travel. Their activities are consistent with our strict codes of conduct.

WYSE Travel Confederation members enjoy discounts to our events, exclusive market intelligence, special promotional opportunities, the latest industry news, and a range of educational tools.

A 60-year heritage in supporting the youth travel industry

Our founding organisations – the Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations (FIYTO) and the International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) – were formed just after World War II to inspire young people through international travel and to help remove cultural barriers.

This mission remains just as vital and relevant today. More than ever before, young people must equip themselves with the international skills necessary for today’s global economy. Affordable access to work, study and travel opportunities is a vital part of their education and personal development.

WYSE Travel Confederation was formed in 2006 when FIYTO and ISTC merged to create a stronger united body to represent the global youth travel industry. The Confederation is therefore built on decades of industry experience and is bound together by a trusted global community.

What we do

The Confederation is committed to understanding the ever-changing characteristics, motivations, and needs of young travellers. By gathering, analysing and sharing important market intelligence with members, academics and government decision-makers, satisfying the unique fast-changing needs of the youth market is at the forefront of our activities.

The Confederation works with members, sector associations, tourism authorities and partners around the globe to:

  • Promote the personal, social, economic and cultural benefits of youth travel and international education by working in partnership with governments and tourism boards worldwide
  • Support the development and success of student and youth travel specialists, and the critical role they play in this unique $200 billion niche industry
  • Provide trading, networking and knowledge-sharing platforms
  • Deliver two essential trade conferences: World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) and Work Experience Travel Market (WETM-IAC)
  • Produce and distribute research and market intelligence to identify the unique needs and trends of today’s independent travellers
  • Provide best practice guidelines on products and policies
  • Represent our members at industry events worldwide
  • Specialist Sector Support

Our dedicated team of 15+ highly-skilled professionals based in the head office in Amsterdam work on a portfolio of key issues to accelerate the development of youth travel, and they always have our members’ best interests in mind.