Empowering the TikTok generation in the face of collective crisis

Sunday, 17 March | 10:00 – 11:00

Financial crisis, cultural clashes, war – the global situation is challenging. Cracks are visible in society where there used to be consensus. From climate crisis to geopolitics to the cost of living, we face global problems that affect us personally. In light of such crises, how can we empower generation TikTok to face the challenges of the present and the problems of the future with both courage and solidarity? Some may feel the concepts of freedom, responsibility and resilience have become hollow phrases, but how do we fill these words with life that sparks meaningful encounters and positive intercultural exchange?

In this session we will explore the connections between macro social problems and individual, everyday responsibility. Ideally, with the right mix of optimism and realism, we can all help to transform the dark threats of crisis into moments of possibility and opportunities for growth.


Jan Skudlarek | WETM-IAC 2024 Conference

Jan Skudlarek

Professor of Social Work
Medical School Berlin (MSB)

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  • Over 150 attendees from the cultural exchange, work experience and au pair industry
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