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Being a bold brand in a world with too many brands

Monday, 18 March 2019 – 10:20 – 11:20


Being a bold brand doesn’t get easier in the 21st century. Millions of channels in advertising and marketing are screaming at users on a daily basis. But which are the ones who still get the attention needed to survive in a world with too many brands? And how do they do it?

It all comes down to being more relevant to your audience. Having a logo is not enough. Nor is having a website or nice business cards. To become more relevant, one has to be a brand, not just have one. In being there is character, personality, rough edges and everything scary most brands want to avoid. Being a personality in branding means being loved often and hated sometimes. It means risking to speak up, to rock the boat, to have an edge, and also risking to be loved by the ones who want to connect with you.

The ones who do connect are not sheer customers, they become fans and ambassadors that carry your message out into the world. They connect with you as a brand, because your brand becomes a friend, a bold one.

In this hands-on presentation and workshop, founder and creative director of Benchmark Design, Pascal Gabriel will talk about the components of a great brand personality and help you find your voice and become a bold brand.

Pascal Gabriel

Founder and Art Director
Benchmark Design

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