Cultural crossroads: Understanding the emotional journey of youth abroad

Monday, 18 March | 14:20 – 15:00

Join us for an insightful educational session where TJ Dairo, youth work and youth mental health professional from EYMH (Euro Youth Mental Health) and a young person sharing her personal experiences, offer a unique perspective on the emotional challenges faced by youth living abroad. 

Through a blend of professional expertise and first-hand narratives, attendees will explore the highs and lows of international travel and cultural immersion.  

Discover practical strategies for supporting young individuals navigating cross-cultural experiences and gain valuable insights into the factors influencing their emotional well-being. This session promises to be enlightening and thought-provoking. Join us as we navigate the cultural crossroads together. 


Liz Hong-Farrell | Assistant Director | International Experience Canada

TJ Dairo

Chief Youth Officer
Euro Youth Mental Health


Why attend

  • Over 150 attendees from the cultural exchange, work experience and au pair industry
  • 34 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • Educational sessions on the latest sector trends
  • Networking events