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Sophie Hertzog

President, French National Au Pair Association (UFAAP)

Sophie Hertzog is CEO of the au pair placement agency Accueil International Service (“AIS”), one of the oldest agencies in the western Paris area having successfully placed hundreds of clients over the years.

AIS has placed au pairs from 20 different countries and has partnerships with placement agencies on three continents. Sophie is the current President of the French National Au Pair Association (“UFAAP”). Whilst Vice President of UFAAP, from 2013, Sophie began to work on improving the relationship of the au pair sector with state authorities recognizing the strategic imperative of building trust and facilitating relations between all stakeholders (state, au pair associations, clients and au pairs themselves). During these years, she has met different French administration authorities and has advanced various topics with the main objective to promote the recognition of the au pair status.

Sophie has led highly successful initiatives including the agreement to cancel an additional tax on au pair visas and lobbying for the establishment of a specific team at the French National HealthCare administration dedicated specifically to au pairs. Since June 2017, she has been working with the Ministry of the Interior (subdivision of the immigration service more specifically) regarding the application of the 2018 Directive of the European Parliament and Council.

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